Reduce Congress by 10%

I have seen some proposals to reduce the federal workforce by 10% (Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas) and I think he’s right.  But in order to be fair, I think the House and Senate should be reduced by 10% as well.  Its not like the loss of 50 or so lawmakers would really be noticed.  Heck, they can’t even pass a budget when fully staffed.  This reduction in force could only make them more efficient…don’t you think? 

As for “representation”, well, you can’t tell me that all of them are really representing.  In any given group, there is a certain percentage that just plain suck…so let’s give the bottom 10% the boot.  Who would you name?

 I wonder if I can get the congressonal budget office to give me a savings estimate.

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Have you ever thought about what an unfettered life would be like? Well, I have. Let’s take a look at how it should be!

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